MAQUALAS is a small company from the south of this planet, to be more accurate: Chile. In Chile there is still a large and thriving industry of Craftsmanship. With a dedicated group of these craftsmen's MAQUALAS produces highly detailed scale airports and accessories.

The collection of MAQUALAS has two lines, one is the AIRPORT ACCESSORIES This line has different sets of 1:500 scale accessories, which can be used to upgrade any existing airport diorama. The other line is the MAQUALAS AIRPORT CREATOR, an revolutionary physical and virtual scale airport platform.


At this moment MAQUALAS has 3 airport accessory sets in their collection.
First there are the 'Blast Deflectors'. These very detailed blast deflectors redirects the high energy exhaust from a jet engine to prevent damage and injury.
Secondly MAQUALAS has a set of taxiway signs. This set contains 7 taxiway signs, and is the first set of a big family of airport signs. These signs are indispensable for a good flow at your airport.
The Third accessory set that MAQUALAS offers are flood lights. These flood lights are a very accurate copy of the state of the art LED Flood lights which are nowadays used at the modern airports.


Last year MAQUALAS has introduced a revolution in scale airports design with MAQUALAS AIRPORT CREATOR, the first interactive scale airport platform where you can create, build and share your scale airport.
All the components of the AIRPORT CREATOR are of an predetermined rectangular shape and can be combined with other sets like a puzzle. In this way the airport can be continually changed, improved and expanded.
The components of the AIRPORT CREATOR sets are both physical and virtual. The fiscal ones are used to create your actual diorama where your airplane collection can be displayed. The virtual ones are used to be able to create new expansion designs and to share your airport layout with other enthusiasts.

Both the virtual as the physical sides of MAQUALAS AIRPORT CREATOR are continuously in development so new sets or add-ons can be suspected soon.